Top benefits of studying mbbs in Georgia County assisted by Eklavya Overseas

Every year a large number of students sail for foreign shores with the ambition of pursuing an MBBS degree. The trend is a growing year or year basis. Getting admission in Medical colleges in India is getting increasingly difficult; students have to face stiff competition. MBBS in Georgia is emerging as one of the top choices for students. However, you must know the benefits of pursuing an MBBS degree in Georgia. 

Merits of Georgia as a destination for medical studies as guided by Eklavya Overseas. 

  • World-Class Education– The first criteria for choosing any course and country must be the quality of education. Georgia ranks very high in its quality of education. Universities cover both the European and American systems of education. Thus on passing out, students can practice in both the continents. 
  • Easy admission– As opposed to Indian medical colleges the admission for MBBS degree in Georgia is easy. Some colleges demand TOEFL qualified candidates others may not make it mandatory and grant admission on the basis of class twelve score. Many Indian students can take this route to realize their dream to become a qualified doctor. Eklavya Overseas extend complete support for students. 
  • Affordable– MBBS education in Georgia is affordable for Indians. Tuition fees in the range of $8000 per year. And the cost of living is $2500 per year. The total cost of education including the cost of living and expenses and course fees adds up to be lower than that in private colleges in India. 

Academic sessions and age limits for students 

There are two academic sessions in Georgia. One is February/March and the other is September/October. According to Indian academic calendar students can avail the September/October session. Else they can wait for year to join the next February/March session. They can prepare well for the coming session. 

There is no upper age limit for taking admission in medical colleges in Georgia. There is 100% approval rate for Indian students. So you can stay assured for Visa approval. 

Eklavya Overseas assists in admission, accommodation and visa approval process for students aiming for studying in Georgia. 

Higher studies in Other European countries 

After completion of MBBS degree in Georgia, students can easily move forward to other European countries for higher studies in the field of medicine. They need not qualify any test for applying for other medical colleges in Europe. They can also continue studies in Georgia. Thus students can avail a lot of flexibility. 

With its safe and pleasant atmosphere Georgia offers complete support for Students. 




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Panel beaters are another name for an auto body repair technician. This profession is growing in the U.S. in part because of the need for qualified people to fix the car wrecks in the U.S. A panel beater is someone who repairs car bodies back to the factory original state from damage caused by damage to the car body itself. In the U.S. and Canada, an auto body technician does the same work. They apply the basic principles that are used when repairing cars. The panel beaters have the proper tools to do the work and they use them consistently as part of their trade and profession.

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When Should You Have Your Fire Extinguisher Inspected?

A fire extinguisher inspection should always be carried out by a fire marshal or another certified emergency personnel. In many cases, a company will provide an employee who will carry out this important process on their behalf, but this is not recommended. The company will pay more for one of these professionals to do the inspection so they are unlikely to get the same professional results from a non-certified fire sprinkler system. Click here

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