One HeartKids – Member Update


It is with pleasure that we can now advise that the members of every State HeartKids Organisation and of HeartKids Australia have approved the integration of their activities to the one HeartKids model.

The support for a one HeartKids model was overwhelming and in many States met with over 99% approval of voting members.

This support can be attributed to a number of elements, including amongst other things, the members of each of the State HeartKids Organisations and HeartKids Australia having the confidence in their boards; the boards facilitating a transparent and open approach to providing information; and ensuring that the members voices were heard and will continue to be heard.

This is an important milestone in the growth of an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of children with CHD.


From here the integration into one HeartKids will be undertaken in a coordinated manner. The boxes below set out the current activities that are being undertaken to work towards one HeartKids – each providing an update and proposed milestones.


Meanwhile, it’s “business as usual” for us at HeartKids, we will continue to deliver all of our existing support services to our members, continue to engage the community and raise funds for more research.

The teams are also busy planning the delivery of the additional Support Services we will be delivering under one HeartKids, and we will keep you informed of this as we integrate and plans are finalised.

If anyone has any questions, as always please do not hesitate to contact us at your HeartKids State organisation.

The original Update document can be downloaded here.

Western Australia