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Check this childcare auburnChild Care Resources has come up with a booklet called the Child Care Resource Handbook. The Handbook provides you with employers and other employees with a list of resources and organizations to help you meet the challenge. The Handbook contains questions to ask at the initial phone screening as well as a checklist of what to watch out for when visiting various child care facilities or homes. As a part of the Handbook, you are asked if the employer offers a medical benefits package. This is an important consideration because you may not be able to take your child to the doctor during his or her pregnancy.

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As mentioned, the Handbook will guide you through the process of finding the right information. This includes asking about child care centers’ hours of operation and where they are located. The Handbook also helps you find out if child day care programs that the child care facility offers are licensed and accredited.

An important part of the Handbook deals with pregnancy and the related issues, such as miscarriage. You are also encouraged to find out whether the child care center offers you options such as emergency c-section delivery. Your employer should make you aware of any child care services it offers for expectant mothers.

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