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What they discovered buy facebook comment was that it’s simpler to incite ‘fans’ to make a move (introduce a marked application or vote in a challenge) than ‘non fans’. Which isn’t that amazing truly. Obviously your supporters will be more ready to participate in your image than your neutrals or spoilers.

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There have been a few different cases in the past concerning the $ estimation of a Facebook fan and they are for the most part quite assorted (Virtue; $3.60 per fan contrasted with SynCapse at $136.38 per fan) driving me to ponder; will there ever be a benchmark esteem that bodes well, and is it at all comparative with what you’re selling? Jim Edwards from Business Insider concurs and has as of late been cited as saying “figuring the ‘estimation’ of a Facebook fan to a promoter has become the online networking likeness asking what number of holy messengers can move on the top of a pin?

The entirety of this discussion about the estimation of ‘likes’ is fascinating – however makes one wonder – shouldn’t we be increasingly worried about estimating the commitment of fans? A brand may have 100,000 fans however in the event that they don’t connect with on the page, at that point what use would they say they are truly?

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